You’re Lucky

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You’re Lucky We’re right across from the gym on Weber near University. So you can work out, take care of business with us, and then celebrate St. Paddy’s Day.

Lucky You

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Lucky You We’re a one stop studio for hair removal and hair styling. Kick off Saint Patrick’s Day with a leg wax (in the event you lose your pants). You can also book with one of our stylists if you … Read More

Get Lost.

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Guys, we have you un-covered. Some like a little more hair, some like a little less. Let Indulgence Studio get you and your man ready for Valentine’s Day.

Just Lace.

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So you’ve purchased that ever-so-lovely lingerie for V-Day… but don’t ruin the moment with stubble. Ladies, we will have you primed for a perfect night.

All couples welcome

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Lesbian, straight, gay or transgender – we do not discriminate. Not only that, Indulgence Studio offers couples sessions! Is there a better gift than one you can enjoy together?

Lose the bush

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Wilderness adventures in the great outdoors can spark your love. However, wilderness adventures in the bedroom are another story. Indulgence Studio offers bush removal services for your indoor adventures.

Be the Better You

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Ring in 2016 by committing to being the better you. Indulgence Studio challenges you to stick to your goals this year by offering a 5% discount incentive on hair removal services! How it works: 1) Let us know your health … Read More

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Great News!

As of Friday June 12th, 2020, I’ll be permitted to open. However, we must remain vigilant to stop the spread of COVID-19. A few things you will need to do:

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Wait in your car until I text you or welcome you in
  3. Pass the Self Assessment within 12 hours of your appointment
  4. Use the hand washing station before and after your appointment
  5. If you start feeling sick before your appointment, please let me know!