Men’s Face + Body

Indulgence Studio is a full service destination for men’s grooming. Whether you’ve been sent here by your partner or you’re simply curious, we can help you with your hair removal needs. We offer a professional and comfortable environment where everyone is able to relax and leave the studio looking and feeling their best.

There can sometimes be a stigma around hair removal. However, many of our clients are men and enjoy the improved confidence of being hair free. Instead of shaving and dealing with stubble in days, you can wax and enjoy smooth skin for weeks. Whether you are looking to rid yourself of unwanted back hair or go completely hair free, we can help.

If you are looking to save even more time, laser treatments can greatly reduce your grooming. In just a few sessions our clients will often see a great reduction in unwanted hair.

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Everyone is welcome at Indulgence Studio. We are a LGBTQ+ Inclusive Space.