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Laser Hair Removal

Laser for Tattoos

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Rates for laser treatments are made available during consultation

Want to reduce the discomfort that can be associated with laser, waxing or threading? Not to fear! With our $20 application add-on of numbing cream, you’ll notice a reduction in discomfort. Please note that the application is done 30 minutes before your treatment for the cream to take effect.


Completion time varies with each individual depending on the coarseness of the hair, the number of hairs to be removed and if temporary hair removal methods were previously used. Permanency is achieved through a series of regular treatments determined for each individual. This is an effective method of permanent hair removal. Our technician is experienced, fast, and provides lasting results. We practice safe and sterile techniques providing new supplies with every visit.

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Waxing & Threading

Waxing (Temporary Hair Removal)

New hair growth in the treated areas tends to grows back soft, fine, and tapered unlike shaved hair; which grows back sharp and course. With repeated waxing treatment the hair may eventually stop growing.


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Lash & Brow Tinting

Tint treatments last for approximately six weeks.
Bold, beautiful and waterproof!

Lash curl treatments last six weeks.
Opens up the eyes with a youthful look.