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Gratitude Ceremony

Gratitude Ceremony

Early 2021 – Date TBD

Held Virtually Via Zoom + On Location @ Indulgence Studio Ltd.

Hello everyone, I am so excited that this moment has arrived, how many times have we talked about connecting over such a special date. There’s so many positives that are happening tonight and over the next little bit that the list is long, and I look forward to sharing every last bit of it with you.

To give you an idea of what you can expect tonight to hold, I have prepared a printable workbook that you can follow along with as we celebrate tonight‘s exciting events.

We’re going to start by explain where we are cosmically, energetically, and moving into uplifting tools on how to enhance what feels good and how to let go of what doesn’t. We are about to enter the age of Aquarius which will be at the forefront and the foundation of our experiences for the next 200 years. What does this mean and how can we make the most of it?

Tonight, All of this begins with a moment of gratitude and blessings in setting the intention of the evening with words of wisdom from …….

Full moons are about things coming to fruition, new starts and creating best case scenarios. This is all about releasing the things we want to let go of,  the things that no longer serve us, those belief systems we no longer need, perhaps we’ve learned the lesson and are having trouble releasing the old pattern. The intention of tonight is for healing and creating an awareness of the blessings that surround us all. We can capitalize on these blessings and Bring them to the forefront of our experiences through grace and with ease.

For those of you available to be a part of the intimate setting here at the studio, I have planned us to go outside into the cozy quant winter nook and safely release our list to the powers that be over the fire pit, wrapped in luxurious fur wraps, sipping hot toddies… Seasoned to your liking! 😉

– blessing The release of our old list will be read

Settling back inside, we will be provided with enlightening words of wisdom and tools on how to get our mindset on the right track, then creating our list of intentions that we will refer to over the next few weeks at home. I will share with you different moon phases dates to be made aware of And a prayer for blessings.

Our evening rounds out with a sage and meditation and for those interested in staying and sharing, you know it will be my favourite part of our time together ☺️

This evening is the start of a wonderful few weeks for you at home.  It is so important that we have a corner of our home that is special to us, a sacred space or item that remind you are not alone on your journey of exploration, and that there’s much to be grateful for. Take home… homemade Intention candle. When you light it you will be reminded of the intentions we set in place together.

Same time same special date.. I hope you will join in each full moon either in our intimate group setting or from the comfort of your own home via zoom. Any material is printable or you can pick up kerbside a package for the night events through ordering online.

As always I welcome to your feedback and look forward to moving in to the age of Aquarius with you.

The future is bright. Blessings ✨🥰

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