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INTRODUCING: SacredEssence Festive Cheer Candles

May the thoughtful reflections wrapped in our spirited collection of charmed beauty ignite your soul.


In the Spirit of Giving this year, we at SacredEssence have the perfect Holiday Gift in our Festive Cheer Intention Candles to offer your expressions.

Customizing intention Candles gives us an opportunity to explore and create an inner calling in a playful and inspirational way.

Let’s get started! Ready to learn all the beautiful ways to create intention personalize to you!
Steps of our journey together with you.

And so we begin our journey…

Why An Intention Candle? Embrace the glow from the essence of your heart

  1. We start by choosing the elements for your candle: The spirit to be invoked, colour, aroma, wicks, and a container of choice.
    The destination is in the journey. 

The spirit to be invoked, Colour Choice

The spirit to be invoked, Aroma

The spirit to be invoked, Wicks
Traditional or Wood

The spirit to be invoked Container of choice
Size Options
Mini 2.5oz Candle $9.99
Medium 10oz Candle $22.99
large 16oz Candle $38.99

As we create the thoughtful reflection from our spirited collection of charmed beauty, may they ignite your soul.

And so the journey continues… Are you ready to set your intention?

What is the purpose of intention? Intention supports direction with clarity with purpose and desired outcome. 

2. Working with the energy of earth as found in nature you will complete your Sacred Essence, with the inclusion of flowers and crystals. 
Earth’s elements are earth, metal(air), fire, water, this spirited candle invokes that connection.

Complete your Journey; that’s a wrap! 

Helping people complete gifting beautifully and keeping it quick, easy and efficient.
Our gift wrapping services communicate: authentic declarations, thoughtful intentions, passion and beauty. 

It is our heart’s desire to meet you and your sacred essence through our services.
Sacred sentiments beautifully expressed.

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