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279 Weber Street North #1 | Waterloo, ON N2J 3H8  

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ LGBTQ+ Safe Space

It is so important to make all of the areas of your life great, even your living space.

Creating an area that’s special to you is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Your surrounding plays a massive role in how creative you are, how good you feel and how inspired you become every day. By making your environment a place of comfort, ease, and a place where you look forward to unwinding, you create a sacred space that will naturally encourage inspiration, creativity and love.

It’s like hitting the reset button for the space’s energy.

Changing the energy of the space is simple and fun. We do this by setting the intention that your home is a place of good energy, by burning scented candles, repainting a room, changing up your decor, hanging your favourite crystal in a window or even by having a small intension ceremony to make your space uniquely yours. A physical home is, after all, is the primary place where family members or roommates interact with one another.

Permanently changing to our surrounding may be unattainable for some people for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re renting your home, or you have roommates; for others, someone may not be able to find peace in their space, or they didn’t get to choose where they live. For others, some of or sacred spaces are in nature, such as in a forest, a park, at the lake or perhaps your place of inspiration might be at a library, place of worship or friend’s house. These all are places we can connect to and nurture ourselves.

For many of us, our living environment has changed. As homes get smaller and many people are now working from home and homeschooling, we must get creative on Designing multipurpose spaces. This is simply achieved by using furniture and accessories that aid us in allowing us to enjoy our favourite areas in a multitude of ways. May it be a pleasant sanctuary, work or playroom or a place of entertainment, make your room where you know you can feel at ease, inspired and happy.  There’s always a way to make even the tiniest space work for you!

Cherish your sacred spaces. Give it that ‘loved’ energy. Make your home your favourite place. Make it inspiring, creative and unique to you.

“Sacred Space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell

Make your home your favourite place. Make it inspiring, creative and unique to you!

Enjoying a bright, vibrant and happy living space – was the driving factor behind what Olivia Eiras and I have been passionately working on these past few weeks.

We’ve combined our collective energies and love for beautiful spaces to curate and develop a line of home decor items that serve to enhance the appearance of your home during these trying times.

Whether your are looking for a unique centerpiece that stands out for a special event, or an everyday piece that you can keep year-round, we are pleased to announce the availability of an ever-growing roster of decor items that are designed to spark some joy in your life.

Personal in-home set up and design consultation are available by appointment.

Gift wrapping is available, starting at $7, based upon the size and scope of the package you design.

Items That Speak To You

Incorporate them with some of the favourites you’ve collected over the years. Explore your creativity and create a space of inspiration, joy, and happiness.

Top Quality Glassware

Gold, silver, or clear statement pieces - are all part of a system we designed to create a space you love. You’ll love what we have available!

Visually Stunning Pieces

Offer options when creating uniquely favourite themes for your space. We stay up-to-date on current trends, colours and design motifs to give these pieces a personality all their own.

Great For Any And All Occasions

Discover your Sacred Space and decorate for the holidays, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower - all your favourite occasions.

You’re invited to come by the studio or contact Jennifer directly to learn more about Sacred Spaces Decor! Curbside pickup is also available. Feel free to drop us a line!

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