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Fall 2023 Voice Intensive registration is now open!

I am thrilled to announce that Jodie will be teaching a twelve week intensive this Fall hosted here at Indulgence Studio! Join us May–July where we will explore voice feminization through laughter, speech, and song.

Classes are Wednesday evenings at 7PM and run from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours depending on that week’s activities, and there will also be a Sunday evening virtual meet on Discord.

Click here to register.

What’s a voice intensive?

For these twelve weeks, you and your classmates will be immersed in activities and experiences that will get you and keep you using your voice. From warmups, to lessons, to group activities, to small group exercises, to music jams, to games, to roleplaying, to listening assignments, to written reflections, to aural analysis, to real life challenges, we will be:

  • Building your personal vocal style
  • Creating free and relaxed sound
  • Caring for your voice
  • Sounding female (not just feminine)
  • Getting your voice ready for work / school / play
  • Tackling the emotional hurdles
  • Social confidence tips and tricks
  • Maintaining confidence in the face of being misgendered / deadnamed
  • Making your desired voice your automatic voice

If you have done some voice training already or have researched it online you may have expected that list to include “vocal weight/mass (glottal control)”, “resonance (oropharyngeal modification)”, etc. We will absolutely be covering these and more! But it’s important to remember that those tools are just part of how we get there. This intensive is more than just technique; it’s an opportunity to commit to the voice you want and follow through with the support of your peers and me!

Build your personal vocal style today.

We can’t wait to see you!

When and where

Indulgence Studio: 279 Weber St N #1, Waterloo ON N2J 3H8

In person: every Wednesday from September 20th at 7pm.
Virtually: every Sunday at 8pm (may be re-scheduled for long weekends)
On Discord: You can jump in the voice chat to practice with classmates or message me any time!

What’s the cost?

The fee for the voice intensive is $420 ($35 per week). Early bird: Register by April 10th to pay $385!

If you cannot afford the full fee, please talk to Jennifer or me; we understand that things are tough right now, and we would rather you pay what you can than have to miss out.

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out the registration form, or email me at jodie@transvoicejodie.ca with any questions.

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