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279 Weber Street North #1 | Waterloo, ON N2J 3H8  

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Feedback + Testimonials

Hello Friends – Have A Moment?

We’re asking our studio family to provide us with a brief testimonial and/or feedback, in order to help further the case being made to Waterloo MPPs, and the Town Council (Yes! Both have been willing to examine our petition!) to prove the need for Indulgence Studio to be listed as an Essential Service during the lockdown.

Our ultimate goal is to help create awareness of the challenges we have come to face in maintaining and improving our overall self-image and wellbeing during this unprecedented crisis.

Receiving feedback from our studio family is both important, and highly valued. Not only do we want you looking good, and feeling great – but we would also very much enjoy hearing your experiences at Indulgence Studio.

We’d love to feature your experience here on our web site, and in our e-mail newsletters.

We’re fighting for you, and for the opportunity to keep the doors open in these uncertain times, all the time.

Some topics and ideas we would like you to consider sharing your thoughts, feedback and testimonials on include:

  • How important is it to you to have a safe space for services?
  • What wellbeing challenges do you face when there’s a break in your services?
  • How does receiving services designed to improve your self-image affect your wellbeing?
  • Awareness and support, do you feel I’m doing this? What else could I work towards providing improved support?

If you’d prefer not to be featured, no worries at all – just let us know by indicating your preference in the form below.

Otherwise, feel free to send us your thoughts and feedback!

Thank so much for your time – we want you to know that we are truly grateful to our patrons.

Wait…want to go that extra mile?

Nothing says more than a short video! Feel free to send us your video testimonial via WeTransfer.com (it’s a free, and secure file transfer service) to: video@indulgencestudio.ca

Indulgence Studio TESTIMONIALS