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279 Weber Street North #1 | Waterloo, ON N2J 3H8  

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Thank You For Your Inspiration!

Thank You For Your Inspiration!


It’s such an honour to give back.

After going through the zoning issue, the underline theme of the support letters was that my clients were comfortable with me and they were comfortable in my space.

People are constantly asking me to purchase my Decor, or for insight on how to make their homes uniquely special to them through decor. I’ve collaborated with Olivia Eiras, a local mastermind who has helped people love their homes for decades we together are excited to inspire you with our in-studio unique seasonal designs and encourage you you create the home of your dreams with our custom designs.

There are many fabulous conversations I’ve had with my clients, I am forever being inspired and educated by their brilliance. I’d like to continue those intimate conversations with a featured expert.  I believe the more we know about each other the better people we become.

Moving forward I am excited to say thank you to those incredible individuals that supported me so kindly by creating a safe space where we together can receive wellness professional care and services in a supportive environment.

As you know I a holistic approach to our health, I believe that collaborating with our local masterminds to aid us in our well-being through these various topics is an exciting way to uplift and explore our current experiences we are being presented with.

Some of the discussions are hot topics, some taboo, and are all important. We are all different, we come from different places, raised differently, practice different ways of worship, and we all had different unique experiences even if we lived in the same household. That’s the beauty of how diverse we see things. Agreeing on everything as not the goal, listening to each other and respectfully having a well rounded conversation about it is. I believe this is where opportunities for solutions are born.

I will never forget their generosity and kindness in supporting me through one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through.

My studio family and friends used their voices in supporting the studio and me, and it made history for our region. I’m confident that outcome would not have happened without their love and support. Almost losing everything opened up a whole new perspective for me; I will no longer fear going after my dreams, their compassion is an example of what is possible, And it’s inspiring.

I’m passionate about saying thank you. through the classes I’m hopeful to continue exploring many ways to enhance our wellbeing.

Together anything is achievable.

With my deepest gratitude,